I Saw The Raided Robin’s Egg


on somebody  else’s green lawn.

At a home that I know, two cats   in tow;

and I pondered on how it seemed wrong.


    It was all hollowed out,

    no body about,

    a stripe   of streaked blood   inside.


    Where it could be seen,

    a creature had been;

    and at one time    the bird was alive.


    Then I grew saddened,

    for the bird had had in

    its short life,  outside of the shell,


    one violent encounter,

    no pleasant reminder!

    but, diviner

    of the long hand of Hell.


I held the raided Robin’s egg

within my open palm,

then set it down softly

upon some near sage,

and eternity passed from an age.





revised 12 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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