Thus Spake The Fifties


I watched the best minds

of the next generation

listen to poetry

by Allen Ginsberg.


He’d risen in status

from Beatnik, Pothead,

to teacher, cult figure,

and icon, instead.


Such change to the country

that’s come to the fore.

I swear from my grave –

It was never before!


If this be the country

that I had adored,

there must’ve been something

we must have ignored.


We’ve gone from a leader

to mere bottom feeders.

As such, much of my kind,

would this! have deplored.


If this be the country

that I once adored,

O! please then, just leave me

safely interred.




Thus spake the sentience

of that from the Fifties,

as I passed by the Fifties,

what I thought  had heard.


My face deeply reddened,

my cheeks blushed with tears –

for I, too, then saddened

from what I’d inferred.


Thus spake the Fifties

from there, where interred,

Whilst I took great liberties

to imply much.  O!   For sure!


Mine are not false lies,

nor crocodile tears;

but that’s what they said!

So I made out, I heard.







revised 3 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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