Sonnet ~ Exorcising Catachreses


In broad pen, my penchant: To fragment the sentence!

    Grammar was always my weakspot.


And oft times I paid:  For weakness a penance.

    Those teachers, they gave it their best shot.


But an expert in English?  Oh No!   I am not.

One would have thought, with all I’ve been taught,


all those years! in a craft, a craft I spent tooling,

    only to pass off this hack as well wrought!


But, No!  Oh No!  It’s me that I’m fooling!

    All of my writing is riddled in fraught.


Take as an instance, the following sentence:

    “I will continue; I shall, I think not!”


Confused?  You should be; it’s just my resistance

    to continue    as I  do, doing    a lot.






revised 10 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn


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