Ever Present


Some shall go on,

to high and great places.

    Others will stay,

    where they think it best.


Some will go further,

    forget all the faces

of those left behind,

    from a near distant past.


Some would do so,

    from that never thought;

whilst others,

    shall dream all the rest.


And those of the former,

    from some remote corner,

underneath,  outside,

    or high up above,


would recall the latter,

    but not all the faces

    from all of the places,

to a present held fast.


And not in the same way,

    as that of the other;

although they were brothers,

    their visions won’t match.


The world moves them further,

    farther and greater,

    that sooner or later,

a distance grows fast.


And all who were brothers,

    move on to another,

ever distant,

    yet present,   near past.



revised 11 May 2013

©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn



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