Sharing Shiprock


Looking across   the great San Juan Basin

where stands   a Leviathan stone,


it stands there still!   where Time hath deposit

its bulk   in one   huge   hulking dome.


And much will have changed,

but the rock stays the same:


It stays, whilst all else   swims away.


A Navajo legend,  it once was a ship,

and transported the people, Dineh,


from Where    to Here,  and has since    stayed There!

mindful,    its purpose,    To share.


One cannot leave    and leave it behind.

Take it, one must!    if the mind.


And then    seen someplace,    one will turn to a spouse

and say:   “Oh my Lord!    I’ve been There!”






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

5 June 2013/14July2013


Poem’s Score: 3.4

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