that, which comes out


The Culture Wars    descend upon us –

    The Tower of Babel’s not dead!

A culture ‘of’ war    is one from the many,

    saint James, unacknowledged, it’s head.


Digitized data    and information

    fast forwards the future    ahead.

A hidden hand hides all of the money,

    turns debit from credit, to bread.


The questions of meaning,    once methods of learning,

    finds proof in the pudding, instead.

“It all comes out    with the wash    in the morning,”

    was something an uncle once said.


The Culture Wars    are forming the future

    from foundations   a past    had once had.

Though Praxis Pragmatic    may sound like a general,

    the Tower of Babel’s    ahead.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

18 June 2013

revised 3 July 2013


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