Collapse?      Perhaps

of the bee population;

and then, there’s that

of the Monarch Butterfly.


No one knows

    where everything goes;

and no one even knows why.


Perhaps a collapse

    in routine regulation,

and the social order

    of the hive.


Snow doesn’t go

    where it’s supposed to snow –

in my neighbor’s yard,

    and not mine.


And then, there’s that,

of the Monarch Butterfly,

Nature’s Perfection

still needs a correction.


And no one will ever know why.



Collapse?     Perhaps.

    Perhaps a collapse.

Perhaps a change in Tradition.


The wind doesn’t blow

    where it’s supposed to go –

it blows into many directions.


Once again, there is that,

with the Monarch Butterfly –

a feature of perfection,

this creature’s correction: to die.


And no one can ever say why.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

19 June 2013; revised 5 August 2013



Poem’s Score: 1.4

Poem’s Score: 1.6

Poem’s Score: 1.8

Poem’s Score: 2.1


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