I need to seek

someplace to find

a humble, peaceful

place for the mind.


Distraught, from the noise,

    that poser of sound!

I plead for the peace.

There’s none to be found.


A hollowed out heart,

    I fall all apart

in piecemeal moments

    real slow.


This change over me,

one could have decreed,

by much sharper minds,

    I know.


I began from the start

    this falling apart

when Mama

    set me down

    and said: “Go!”


And since from that start,

I’ve been wandering forth.

When the heat gets too hot

    I say “Go.”


I’m a son of a gun.

A man on the run!

and have been,

since the word 



No peace of the mind

can ever I find,

and it’s high time

that I should Go.


So, adios, then,

mis amiGos!

Adios contigo.

Vaya con dios, I Go.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

Revised 8 August 2013


Poem’s Score:-0.2

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