A picture before me, this hot August day,

gives me a snow scene, in Washington D.C.


A wide walk, a park, all covered in snow.

Trees on the sidelines, limbs all aglow.


Nightlights on each side stretch in two rows.

Five people walking, all walking away.


No color to winter, but back, white and gray,

but here one umbrella, red round and gay.


Where are they going, this cold winter day?

off to the distance,   far, far away.


Not one leaf of life is left for display.

Five lonely figures, walking away.


A snow scene, park scene, Washington D.C.

One red umbrella, meant to be seen.


Mid-day hot August, I take in the scene,

one red umbrella, a perpetual dream.






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

9 August 2013


Poem’s Score: 3.0


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