Three Fictions


There is a keenness

which settles to mind

when I am thought

of some other kind.


At such times,

I count myself free,

the freedom which comes

from anonymity.


I am not what

I’m thought that I am –

No one knows

the simple man.



There are but few

who know me but some,

who bring into light

what I have not known:


The things I keep

in deep self-denial.

On self-reflect,

they do make me smile.


I am but one of,

the simple men,

whom I, myself,

I don’t understand.



A Freedom “from”

and the Freedom “to,”

both require

another, “you.”


Freedom which comes

from Identity,


that is the Fiction

of congruency.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

11 August 2013




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