Ad Hominem


“Please come inside.

The Window is broke.”


Said a sign,

But the Window

Never spoke.


“So.  What’s up there,

With your silent friend?”

I asked of the frame.


“Please come inside.

The Window is broke.”


Hmm…      as said:

“It’s Déjà vu once again.”



The people inside

All stand in a line,

So I queue up

And stand in line too.


It’s the wait,

that one hates –

It’s such a great waste

Of the time, precious time,

            Ad hominem.


And all this, for a pill,

My doctor Rx’ed.

      I may need another

      Before it’s all over –

Standing  and waiting,

      And vexed.


Then, face to face,

With a pretty fresh face,

From behind the long line

      I am next.


The young lass

Then asks

As she finishes her task:


“Do you have any questions

      For the Pharmacist?”


Well, yes,

      If you will,

Please to ask him to tell

The winning

Pick six

Lotto numbers.



©2013, Marvin Welborn

16 August 2013. Revised 21 March 2014.

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