Fast Food


The old Mountain Boomer

is a general roomer

of the Southwest lands way out West.


He’s fast on his legs,

and he never will beg.

He takes what he wants cause he can.


Only Road Runner

can out-match this “Gunner,”

for he moves much too fast than the rest.


A Rattlesnake waits,

he can be wide awake,

but no Boomer he’ll catch – lest he ran!


But little Road Runner,

he knows how to corner,

and put on the brakes with the best.


The Blue Mountain Boomer’s

no match for Road Runner,

who will eat the lizard’s breakfast.


That snake that awaits?

the Road Runner takes,

like the Hun, who he’ll eat on the Run.


So, who then there feeds,

from the food chain order,

a Road Runner so fast on his feet?


Why Wyle E. Coyote,

whom you should all know.

He lives in out there, in New Mexico.


He’ll phone to the corner,

for a quick take out order –

cause the Road Runner,

you can’t eat too slow.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

11 August 2013/revised 16 August 2013


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