Lie Lying

This is the place                        Where I lay my head

This is still me                          This is my bed

I am still here                          Long after years

I still imagine                          The others still here


I lie by myself                        There’s nobody there

It’s still the same me             The feelings I share

I haven’t changed                  I still think I hear

The others the same             I still find them here


I turn off the light                  The gone disappear

It all seems the same            They are still here

I still feel the presence          I still feel them near

Ignore all the absence          Pretend they are here


And while I lie lying              The only one here

This is the place                   After all of these years

I still feel the presence         Of nobody there

This is the place                   I am still here




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

17 August 2013



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