Separation, indifference,



Sometimes it feels

    Like a hole in the wall.


What now becomes

    Of the paragon child,


The beau ideal,



Who said such was such

    inasmuch as was thought?


Thinking, we know,

    will make it all so.


O! Baby Boomer.

    You should have been sooner.


But no.

    That’s not how it goes.


All things must pass,

     While each moment will last,


Part and parcel,

    Each individual.


Each element, component,

    Each piece essential,


While notion, emotion,

    And that of the Will,


Form the cog and the sparks

    In the spoke of a wheel.


Time, takes the place

    To Human appeal;


And so goes to oppose

    Nonplused nonpareils.





©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

5 September 2013


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