Lisa and I,

    we do have our favs,

and one of them sits near,

    beside us.


Our row of small cubes

    sits off from the rest,

in a big room

    by being the farthest.


It’s the clique we are in,

    a specialty group,

and we work in our circle

    on business.


A Temp is nearby

    to answer the phones,

a thin wall divider

    to hide her.


When New York goes home

    their phone calls will come

and roll down

    to our southern zone.


While Lise and I work

    our fav calls New York,

we can hear her conversation

    by phone.


And her phone call rolls down

    to the Temp right next door,

and we hear what is said

    by the two:



“Thank you for calling!

    How may I help you?”


“Ah, yes.  I was calling

    to speak to M4,

but I don’t think

    we’ve spoken before.”


“Oh, yes.  I’m new.

    I answer the phones.

This is my first week

    I’m here.”


“Well, welcome then, Hon.

    I hope it’s all fun.

So, how do you like

    New York?”


“Oh, I wouldn’t know,

    that’s not where I work.

I’m actually south

    here in Maryland.”


“Oh, you’re kidding!

    I am too!

That’s exactly

    where I am.”



And all of this while

    Lise and I smile

at our fav and the Temp,

    in the very next aisle,


talk on

    as though more

than a mile.


Oft times our work

    turns tedious tension.

But we do have our favs,

    of whom we’ve just mentioned.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

6 September 2013



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