Fading Light


The grass shone green

  and long and lean,

the sunshine

  made us still strong.


Each day seemed best,

  one followed the rest:

The light in Austin

  was long.


Even the winter

  the weather was warm,


  was not

an exception.


The weather as such,

  would thus us inform:

Misguide in pretense

  of perception.


And such as it was,

  day Twenty-Three,


  of Sixty-Three.


A day born bright

  and sunshine spliced,

another perfection

  lost paradise,


when up the road

  there would explode

two shots of shock

  to stop the clock

and cast this pall of doom.


And evermore

  and hence thus since,

should come

  the growing gloom.


Now sunshine gone,

  no longer so strong,

one day in Dallas

  should cast the dullest

and give us

  this long afternoon.




©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

16 October 2013

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