Something Someone Once Said


The hardest part

    is doing the right,

But then, it takes time

    to know it.


I heard it once said:

    “Thirty years make a man.”

But now,

    I’m not so sure of it.


At twice the space

    I err just as much –

I count all the stars

    as chance and pure luck.


Do chameleons change,

    in changing the color?

At the drop of a hat,

    does it happen like that?


Where comes the faith

    one holds in the dollar?

Where goes an echo

    once outside the caller?


And Time!  Dear Time,

    the line comes to mind,

Where age is foreshortened

    by one simple letter.


And something else said,

    someone else said,

‘Bout waters run deep,

    in the quiet it keeps.


Change.  Oh Change!

    you do rearrange

The pieces of eight

    to scatter.


She didn’t say,

    but it couldn’t last.

I ought to have known,

    but just had to ask.


And the hardest part

    is doing the right,

Even when doing it






©2013, Marvin Loyd Welborn

18 November 2013

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