Fade! Fade!


Each day

    As I watch it,

        It slowly evades.


Fade!    Fade!

    It all fades away.


Time,    Oh  Time!

    It slides by,



It goes by,

    Flies by!

Belies us,

    Some say.


It changes,    Erases,

    Turns faces to gray.


Fade!    Fade!

    It fades all away!


The morrow,


It comes the same day,


And undoes    What once was

     To make a mêlée.


Mañana        Por venga!

No mas vas        Porque


All that is fast made,

    Fades too fast away.


Oh well.      The hell!

        We each have our day.


So that is

        What appears as

The others all say.


Mañana        Por venga,

Go past us,    Away!


In life when

    The Time then

        Entices away,


It takes us,

    Reshapes us,

Remakes a new day


Where no one will know us,

    No more than today.


Mañana        No vengas!

No mas vas        lo se,


El futuro no tengas       De nada yo se.


Oh well,  some tell,

    That that’s just the way.


Be off, then!   Go then!

    Be off on your way!


I shall forget you,


The same way.


Adios al Futuro

Y los pasados    Supe.




©2013, Marvin Welborn

26 November 2013

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