Easter Hound




Keswick is large, but not Bed & Breakfast;

Rather, an Inn or resort.

Very expensive, old English style;

Fox Hunts with Hounds and the Horns.


Having retired, and part of the Perks,

The company let us a weekend.

My wife and I chose, that close to Easter,

When Winter weather averts.


The people outside were hitting at balls;

Inside, the Hounds came a-running.

The doors were left open,

So in they came groping


For treats and snacks or such gifts.

After the shouts and the ushering out,

A staff member of restaurant then told us:

The Easter just passed


The staff had amassed

To hide Easter Eggs for the children.

But the Hounds were released,

And there was a feast;


For Fox Hounds can find the eggs best.

And now, here they come,

Before on their run:

Not for Bunny, but the Easter Egg Quest.




©2013, Marvin Welborn

9 December 2013

Poem’s Score: 3.6


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