The Heart of the Beast


There’s just so much non-sense

    a soul can endure

From the trivial minded,

    decided, obdure.


I met one once

    lambasting for sure

The current administration:

    denigration, impure.


Oh sure.  They do it.

    Again and again.

Forever and ever,

    and on to no end.


Things are just bad

    for whoever is in.

Then you finally decided

    to rashly defend,


And therewith derided,

    chided, chagrined.

“A Bleeding Heart Liberal.”

    and “Dumb Ass” at bat!


And names that are milder,

    than others like that.

No final solution.

    No Compromise.


Just pure dissolution.

   It should not have surprised.

For sure absolution

    you just realized


An idiot’s an idiot,

    and no otherwise.

Then later that evening,

    later at night,


It comes, that no two ways

    won’t make it right,

No more nor no less

    for the well argued fight.


Sometimes some people

    just like to incite

Mal-adverse topics

    to seek and foment

Rancor through reason

    for good argument.


The passion is fashioned

    and so compliments

The human condition

    with all its intents.


Animal nature,

    the part we like least,

The flaw in the feature,

    the heart of the beast.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

7 January 2014.




  1. The flow carried me through. What a potent and charged balance of wit, angst, and cold detachment.

    The debate goes on and the world will continue to spawn new people who will have skewed opinions and the filthiest ways to express them. But I have faith in the people. 😉 (You might say I’m a dreamer…)


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