Diana’s Quatrain



My, Oh My!

Oh my! What a sight.

I saw her again.

I saw her last night.


She lit up the air

In her radiant white.

My, Oh My!

The goddess of light.


Always, on toward;

Somewhere, but forward.

Onward, endured,

The mantel of Right.


Steadfast, assured;

Implacably froward;

Fast past the viewer,

Who watches her flight.





My, Oh My!

Oh my! What a sight.

The lady, the Steward,

Of formidable Rite.


Forever on Forward,

In endless endeavor;

Steady and onward,

Her motion excites.


Chasing Diana!

Nocturnal in flight.

The years never end

When I see her again.


Whatever the range is,

She never there changes;

Stuck in her duty,

I’m stuck by her beauty.




The years too soon pass

‘Til long gone at last;

Still overreaching,

Overarching, beseeching


That which most urges

and holds her firm fast.

Diana! Diana;

O! Lady of Night.


Full faced in beauty,

Forever in Flight.

Thousands will ask –

Nay! billions behest!


Will she remember

Not one Interest!


She be the member

Of eternal quest.





We rest, only mortal,

Adore her most best.

The others, the lovers,

The true Acolytes.


los llantos para tu,

solo la luna.

¡Vengas, Diana!

No vas y no ve.


Recuerde, Diana,

Just once for one day.

Cuando se pierden.

No mas pueden, se:


¿Adonde, Diana?

¡No vas y no ve!

Diana, querida,

¿por qué? Yo no se.






©2014, Marvin Welborn

11 January 2014; Revised 07 April 2014.

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