Someone complaining of recent affairs: 

    “The country was ‘falling apart.” 


He was airing ‘our’ laundry 

with someone else there – 


a Jan Van Someone, 

not from ’round here.


    “There isn’t one race 

    that runs the whole place.

    That is your problem I fear. 

    It’s mishmashed and sordid,

    a closed gene affair.”


It’s funny these countries 

that maintain their royalty,


they keep their traditions

    bon mot.  


    “I’d always said, 

    at least so I’d thought, 

    that was a problem

    of Europe.”


Jan Van Someone 

I thereby estranged,


for Jan ne’er spoke,

to me ere again.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

14 January 2014. Revised 09 May 2014.

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