Dos Mundos


In Charlottesville

     there are four seasons;

For Farmington,

     less so.



     more than reason;

For Farmington,

     more snow.


I live apart,

     two separate worlds –


One, in culture,

     East Coast finds;

Another features

     high terrains.


Of which, does Nature

     or human creature,

With Time, will one

     the longer retain?



One thinks that mankind

     always ‘tames,’

Whilst Nature comes

     to run and reign.


Man will leave

     his mark of fame;

But Nature stays:

     Retains and claims.



And Charlottesville

     sits next a range –

The Appalachian

     Mountain Chain.


For Farmington,

     the San Juan Basin;

Her history

     now long forgotten.



In both the yoke

     of Nature binds,

While culture’s creations

     Time unwinds.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

4 February 2015. Revised 07 April 2014.

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