The Logos


I am so blind,

I’ve lost my night vision.

Each day

Unto next

I forget


I’m used to familiar,

The routine of head,

Not close,

But at most

A close fit.


And time, when it then comes,

As time always will,

It laughs when I ask it

To stop and stand still.



“No change

For a change,

If that’s what you’ve sought.

But time is invention,

Made out of cloth.


Like math, it is wrought

From appeal to the real –

Am I real?

Or am I not?


I’m steadfast and standing

While you are demanding


Has all yesterday gone?’


I am the past,

I am also the future.

I’m today,

The whole day,

All day long.


I am the static,

and the erratic.

I am both,

The one

And the same.


I am the flux,

I go by the name.

You find me

In everywhere change.


I stay on and on,

Whenever you’re gone.

I am the change

Never done.


Your are but here

For such the short while.

I will stay on

When you’re gone.


‘It’s Time!’

You insist.

But I only exist

In the mind

Where you find

I belong.



Thus spake the Change,

Or whatever his name,

Be it Flux 

Or the Change 

the same thing.


To my kind of reason,

It’s all the same thing:

In my head

Where the dead

Still remain.


I am too blind,

I’ve lost all night vision.

From one day to next,

I forget.


I rely on routine,

Of That I remember.

It’s not close,

But at most,

It’s all I will get.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

25 February 2014



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