a moment on moment

a table, a chair,
immobile air;

outside comfort,
a languid affair.

a robin appears,
thinks it quite queer,

one man at table,
sitting in chair.

hello, mister robin,
oh, so aware.

the man at the table
and robin each stare,

one unto other
when another appears:

an indigo bunting
from out of nowhere.

zip! across table.
down! to low air.

the robin eyes bunting
the bunting’s dark dare

to dive across table,
a man sitting there.

the bunting has something,
bunting has flair;

but the indigo bunting,
he doesn’t care.

flashpoint! dashpoint!
then nothing is there –

a moment of foment,
someplace, somewhere.

a moment in time-space,
a languid affair.

what was the purpose?
why even share?

the bunting does business,
a blue flash of flair.

the man at the table,
he just doesn’t care;

a robin still wonders
and thinks things are queer.



©2014, Marvin Welborn
6 March 2014
Revised 7 March 2014.

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