For Two Tales To End Well


Here are two stories

    that need being told,

One of the young man,

    the other of old:


Into the young eyes

    pristinely set cold,

Each thing a new ring

    inwardly flows.



An old man before him

    bears dust and grows mold –

For reverence, first severance,

    from what was first told.


It takes time to share mind

    with him who is old,

For young men to add in

    the heart to show gold.



By time the sublime

    measures unfold,

For young men to old men,

    should one for luck hold.


Two separate beings

    where beings enfold

Into life slices

    each portion pure gold.



An old man, still young man,

    but heart now grown old,

Surmises the eyes of

    the young man’s as cold.


A tabula rasa

    awaits to unfold,

To learn from and turn young

     men into old.



And nary an age,

    from past long ago

‘til now to the present,

This strange song should show


The two men as one man,

    should one grow to old;

Two tales that end well,

    Should luck for them hold.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

4 March 2014.

Revised 7 March 2014.

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