Ariadne’s Twine


“to write a poem

is to explore

the unknown


of mind….”




if that be the case

      then mine is well known


it being

the most capacious

of kind


there is

so much space

      I get lost

      in the place


where most times

I’m so hard

to just find



but here I am


and look!


you followed


tell me

      is that


      gold twine?


it stretches

      far out

from you



no fear!

      to be here


the story’s a line –


the myth

      of a monster?


and a labyrinthine?



this is just merely

some thoughts

from my mind


but since we have

      a minotaur too

let’s have

a close look

at that twine



©2014, Marvin Welborn

19 March 2014. Revised 21 March 2014.


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