Ars Vivendi

Hail! to the mountains,
munificent land.
Symbols of power,
they tower, transcend.

Praise for the rivers,
the mountains then send
down unto oceans,
that nest next to sand.

Here’s to the oceans,
on which life depends.
We forget how, somehow,
everything blends.

Blessed be hours,
too short, that life lends;
the glorious stories,
each life will extend.

What seems now immobile,
stable and grand,
in due time too stumbles,
crumbles and ends.

Kudos for courage,
unnatural to Man;
the knowledge it takes
to make understand

each moment so precious,
that won’t be again.
Here’s to each second,
to reckon, and tend.

©2014, Marvin Welborn
24 March 2014. Revised 16Apr15.

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