The Lady Llorona (La Llorona)

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The Lady Llorona

passes near here –


my Dear Son,

for the Crocodile Tears.

Take “No!” 

for your answer.

    Tenga Cuidado!

Como se dice –

    “Watch out for this Lady.”

I will give you a tale,

    it’s high-time you knew,

of the Modern Medea,

    Dark Angel of Hell.

I’ve waited ‘til now,

    but Now’s overdue –

Fruition and Prudence,

    first needed of you.


You have heard the sounds

  a large part of Life,

sounds that rise from El Grande –

  A River much like

the Nile to its Land:

  The River of Promise,

El Rio Grande.

To listen much closely,

  you’ll hear it clear,

the wailing and crying

  stream of ghost tears.

La Señora Llorona

  wanders near here,

through the night,


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