Shadow Play


A shadow    shows

    A shaky figure;


A bird   above

    Impedes the flight


Of light

    That flows

        In rays below,


And falls about

        Upon us there,


My dog and I,

    With me in tow.



On first, methinks,

    A hummingbird


Is flying

   Sweet, and low;


But no! it’s not;

    Not what I thought:


A Rook,

    And putting on show.



The dog

    Doesn’t care,

        She smells everywhere;


Her knowledge

    Comes from her nose.


She thinks

    She smells

        The last known male


To stop

    And post

        And go.



A woman comes by,

    Cast down in eye;


In passing,

    I tell her “Hello.”


Sans much ado,

    even-keel smooth,

Her Sotto voce 

   Sound low:





The dog doesn’t care,

    Nor Rook on the air,


But I swear

     I could hear

        The world say:


    Nothing appears

        In the bright light clear,


    But behind,

        Of it all –

            Shadow Play.



©2014, Marvin Welborn

7 June 2014.


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