The Relevance Of Ephemera




I submit

I sustain myself.


My Passion

At Youth

Once a High.


And now,

On track,

In the last laps of life


I find all of That

Left behind.





The Mind

Is still here!


But I swear,

Doesn’t care.


It bellows,

      It groans,

And cries:



Slow down.


There’s No One around.


No Youth to be found

Now we’re here.


And Passion?

      O, Passion!


It too,

hard to find.


As Passion,

Like Youth,






The Mind,

I should mind….


It’s the Last

Of it’s Kind.


Like Passion and Youth,

      Thin Air!


And the Tracks,

      Going back,

Lead to nowhere.


Like Passion and Youth,

      Nothing there.


And the Road

      Up ahead?


The signs say,

      “It’s Dead.”



The Future

Was never

So clear.





That’s how it is –


      Solitary Biz.


All what once was

Comes to this.


I maintain 

The Fine Things

Time leaves me here,


By means of a Fake Change

      To great Savoir Faire.


But, Alas!

      Even this,

This too is Thin Air.


And I really do think,

Mind cares.


      ~ ~ ~



©2014, Marvin Welborn

30 June 2014.

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