A Tale Should Do It


This is a tale

that seldom gets told,

brought here but once,

before it’s grown old.


A day after Christmas

was God-awful cold;

one foot of old snow

was icy and cold.


In brazen positions,

reluctant to go,

a marginal army

of bold ice and snow.


The day bright and sunny,

as if though to show

antinomies baiting

the other to go.


This is the tale,

by now it’s grown cold;

but told here again

lest it goes untold.


Bobby loved Jena,

but kept this unknown.

Love goes unfinished,

when love is not shown.


But embers remember

the fire once borne,

even when Winter

will cast its long arm.


Though love unbegotten

first seems unsound,

then love’s never often

long lasting aground.


In that long Winter,

with him love went down.

This tale will leave love

forever around.




©2014, Marvin Welborn

25 June 2014.

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