I march with my dogs,

By leash on the street.

I bid a good morning

To each one I meet.


The people, that is,

When then they will speak:

“There goes Lord Belleview;

Who’s kept on a leash.”


The Lord of the Belleview!

That’s my claim to fame.

For those who don’t know me,

Well, they don’t know my name.


Some say I’m crazy;

Lost it; Insane;

But, just ask my doggies,

They’ll tell you I’m tame.


O, I am Lord Belleview,

The one and the same.

Unless It’s bass-ackwards,

I’m not who I claim.



©2014, Marvin Welborn

17 June 2014. Revised 18 June 2014.

Poetry, Poem, Poet, Poets, Poems, Lyric Poetry, Humor, Rhyme, Meter, DVerse Poetry, Mythopoesis,

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