One More Myth

Pass away,
Pass away –
Into Oblivion.

So much for us
And a Great Macho Nation.

Two boys of eighteen,
one some months older,
so close in their ages
they could have been brothers,

but for the customs
of a great nation
(still great – not late;
like those, which came prior.)

They would have been brothers,
for that which lies under
the Western Traditions
of all the Great Nations.

This, we inherit
from Greek, though unwritten;
where man lands on top –
Male Domination.

For laddies and lasses
there was separation.
A nubile young lass
could reach maturation,
only in marriage
by male penetration.

For lads, much the same thing,
through war with a wound –
Brave battle bringing
their male maturation.

This, we inherit
through Western Tradition.

“It breaks out the full man,
leaves off the young.”

So said an uncle once,
from his convictions.

One lad will follow,
the other, abandon:
One went with custom;
the other, by reason.

Each felt the pressures
of intimidation,
and both shall be measured
by standard conventions.

But, Woe! to the winners
and losers alike –
The choices they make
stays with them for life.

If either be right,
or both turn out wrong,
how should we judge them –
By short life or long?

With thus, we write legends
of great things and strong –
Window fenestrations,
of deeds sung in song.

A myth still lives in us,
it moves in among
a nation’s traditions,
fraught within norms.

Such be the myths
of war-worship nations,
and rituals they make
to full maturation.

Just one more myth
that fits in tradition:
Who from among us
can pick fact from fiction?

Such be to wars
and great macho nations –
To fabricate truths
by prevarications.

It’s just one more myth
they share altogether;
where once there were lads,
there should have been brothers.

©2014, Marvin Welborn
3 August 2014.

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