In Media Res


Alice E Henley,

Let’s make this easy:


She was born In Kentucky,

Nearer Tennessee,

A smart August baby

In media res.


Even when spirits

Swear “Fin de Siècle,”

Still it was ten years

Into the new century.


And Alice E Henley

Had no erudition –

Low education,

In that part of nation.


And why should she care?

At that stage

Of young age

Would one be aware?


And Alice E Henley

Didn’t read books;

For Alice was comely,

It was all in her looks.


Four score and ten –

No! It was nearer a fin!

Nearer a hundred

Our Alice had been.


And just as she came,

I’ll give you the name

Of someone no longer

Round here.


And now that she’s gone,

We’ll speak of no wrong,

But only sing songs

That are fair.


Where time is the blink

In the wink of an eye,

When you die

It may seem

But a day.


Four score and ten

Will only have been

Somewhat short

For a start

In media res.


This gal from Kentucky

At the start of her century

Held a thirst

To burst forth

Into play.


And there,

Like the rest,

She gave it full zest;

There and then,

‘Til the end,

When she passed away.


No one could know that,

None would’ve guessed at,

That Alice E Henley

Was ill-literate.


And just as she started,

That’s how she too parted:

At the end of her day,

fulsome at play.

Now gone

We go on

In media res.



©2014, Marvin Welborn

19 August 2014.



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