I pass by your house,
such a lovely estate!
Compared to your neighbors,
it looks you’ve done great.
I’ve looked upon you;
we’ve met face to face –
Worlds upon worlds,
where small worlds encase.
Yet, both of us come
from different directions –
Yours, from a low life;
mine, not that great.
Withholding the small talk
to curt salutations,
but stardust connects us
to some other place.
Who would have known
out paths crossed by fate?
A comatose conscious
is out there in space.
Inured to desire,
by savors and slake;
our peregrinations,
won’t leave a wide wake.
How truly amazing,
to meet face to face;
where distance divides us,
we each have our fate.
And what comes of short time,
with people we know?
At last, it goes fast;
what at first, appears slow.
Where does that time
and its space really go?
A mother’s soft baby
now hardens skid row.
A long time in coming
is still on the go;
stardust connects us,
the rest is pure show.

©2014, Marvin Welborn

25 August 2014.


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