A Sonnet Too Tragic For Comic And Truth

Was Richard Pryor really that funny?
Somewhere in humor we always find Truth.

We laugh with the Jokester, by the Jester’s uncouth;
Smile at Al Roker, forget Lenny Bruce;

Find in some rumor a murmur of proof,
That simpler things are closer to Truth.

Compare the Comedian many have read,
Mentioned by Shakespeare (the Comic was Dead!)

By which time his purchase was made by his head:
In York, we find tragic not funny, instead.

So much for the rumor! A kernel of Truth:
Humor is tragic for Comic, forsooth!

For who loves the Comic, his small claim of fame,
Remembers his antics, but forgets the name.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
3 Jan 2015.

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