A Promise of Piecrust, or Straight Jackets Fall Short of a Form

Claude Debussy,
A morning of grey,
    The coffee
    Tastes sweet
On this mornin’

Where cars on the street
Keep Debussy beat,
    Long lines
    Make designs
That keep formin’

The straight jacket strife,
Of hustle down life,
    Wrong times
    Take the minds
Into stormin’ –

“With God on our side
We’ll stand to, bestride!
    A picture
    Worth words
With a warnin’

The promise of peace,
Of Religious relief,
    Like piecrust
    Each must
All be broken.

Thus said a jacket
Of hustle down racket
    Popped up
    with a cup
And spoken.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
18 January 2015

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