Where Rivers Flowed

So let us go then,
    you and I,
unto the hills
    and azure sky,

where there, together,
    both espy
pebbled shells
    of rubble stone,

the smoothed down hills,
    a past well gone.
A boy too young,
    and dog, won’t know

the why of what,
    and where did go,
that this! their world,
    was made just so.

Where fossils swam
    so long ago
in rivers deep
    and oceans blue,

an earth rose up
    to start anew
this living space
    where few things grew.

That this! our place,
    this is our home.
All pebbled down
    with worn out stone,

some main event
    from long ago,
where winds now race,
    erosion shows

a stubbled space
    where Piñon grow,
a mighty river
    had once let go.

It made this place
    New Mexico.
So let us go then,
    where we both know

a worn down ground
    where waters flowed.
That This! our place,
    this is our home,

a brown landscape,
    New Mexico.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
23 January 2015.

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