The puppy of Hooville pees where he must!
Two Robins are fighting for the same bush.
A man walks his Bulldog, taking it home;
Where there, the dog buries a well hidden bone.

A lady of genteel living alone,
Lives off a trust of well hidden fortune.
She hires the young lad to work in her yard,
Compared to this woman, his life is hard.

He’s born of a tryst, the lady insists.
One boy in a brood of a family in need.
She pays him to cut grass, to garden and weed,
But most of her wealth, she’ll not accede.

Meanwhile, the man and dog she ignores,
Pays no attention to Robins’ accord –
The bush, what they fought for,
And the puppy had peed.

The man with the dog, his mind’s in a fog,
Coursing the windmills of mind’s monologue.
The Robbins are bobbin and rockin’ along.
When they quit all their fighting, they break out in song.

And the puppy of Hooville moves to the bush
Where Robbins were fighting, cause puppies they must!

And just down the corner, up from the street,
The Crocus are comin’ risin’ to greet
A brand new Spring morning, where Poppies compete.

A Poet Laureate lives in the house.
He lives all alone, retired, no spouse.
He only comes out only on rare occasions,
And goes out someplace to make his orations.

His neighbors are known as unknown, as well.
I could say some more, for sure; but why tell?
The city condones their living alone:
Where houses are castles, each other’s own home.

And on the next corner, a house is for sale.
This one much smaller, comparison pales.
A man of the cloth has moved far away
And he must meet costs of his son’s school to pay.

What will the son do, in occupation,
At end of expending for his education,
Depends by degrees on the levels that Pleased;
But never to cost of lost adulation.

Birds chip in trees, which line along streets;
Sidewalks inset just next to the houses.
Without looking back, recall just one fact:
How many, if any, the laureate spouses?

©2015, Marvin Welborn
9 February 2015. Revised 26 July 2015.

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