Pox Americana

Once, a man told me    the lynchings of Blacks
Cannot be compared    to the Nazis

Extermination    of a whole nation
Is genocide;     not so, the case of the other.

The systematic,     deliberate slaughter
Is murder for murder,     for murder’s sake.

One, genocide,     the other was terror;
Now I’m corrected,     a semantic error.

A justification,     to not mention hate;
Rather, a matter     of meta-debate.

It’s nice, if you’re white,     there’s nothing at stake.
Where People are chattel,     land-bound as cattle,

Who would, on purpose,     destroy his estate?
Blame it on actions     emotions negate.

I stand corrected!     A semantic mistake,
Where murder is other:     A meta-debate.

©2015, Marvin Welborn

14 February 2015. Revised 16 Feb 15.

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