November’s Tale

Tink's ChapBlog ~ Tales of the Tribe. Mythopoeic Verse

A marbled morning sunrise at five,
and I want to know, who sculptured this?
Is Michelangelo still working on ceilings?
after all those years?
A small ‘’tweet’‘ comes, from close overhead;
followed by ‘’squawks’‘ in the distance.
Two birds.
Two birds.
There are only two birds;
when only two,
what then, is the difference?
At the mid-way point,
at this time of year;
twixt the birds that come
and the birds that go.
And the ‘’uh-oh’‘ birds,
the Winter birds,
that still are not yet to show.
And the deer at this time
come dangerously close,
in the season where men
check their guns.
For the sport of the hunt
that’s supposed to be fun
is tradition, and still American.
Oh, I used to hunt
with my male archetypes,
in the mountains of New Mexico.
All gone.
All gone.
All the archetypal hunters,

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