The Problem With Time


Time is inclined
to take its own time.
In front or behind,
it’s time after time.

Greece gave it fame,
and called it by name,
they gave it the same
as Kronos.

While time takes its time,
it seems a design,
in line with what time
so deems so.

Quick slight-of-hand;
a voice over Man;
in total command,
they thought so.

Yet time never turns
personal concerns
of itself, for itself,
nor bestows

favors for Man;
for time never can
share much less care
with what we know.

Another creation.
Mind fenestrations,
it seems so.

Extensions to Man,
he can’t countermand;
that won’t show.

Time takes its time,
and man will create;
but man, the creator,
makes his own fate

time after time,
at times double-takes.
Man can, in short span,
trouble his stakes,

demanding time standing
still while he makes.
Assign what he finds,
time soon negates.

Time takes its time.
There are no mistakes.
Man the map-maker,
Man fabricates.

Time, in itself,
Man separates
from now into future,
the rest is too late.

But time doesn’t care,
time doesn’t wait;
time doesn’t share
what Man would relate.

Time as a culprit,
spirit, or fate,
time takes its time
while Man still creates.

And this, in its own time,
this too we’ll debate,
and somewhere there find
the time to negate.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
21 March 2015


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