The Cuckolds of Honeysuckles


Out! come the Honeysuckle,
to meet Amorae;
the lovers, called Cuckolds,
among the array.

A wild child, these Pixies,
white petals at play;
where stamen, their venom,
put pistils to spray

the odors of ardor –
aroma bouquets.
Smell This! they kiss;
Free love here today.

Come closer, sweet Lover,
extols coquetry.
O! Cuckolds of Honeysuckle,
Behold! Amorae.

Another warm summer,
another stuck Lover;
another encounter,
with fresh Amorae.

Here come our Cuckolds,
Honeysuckle betrays.
Lovers and others,
from some other day.

Another encumber,
O! fresh Amorae.
The Cuckolds of Honeysuckles
give free love away.

©2015 Marvin Welborn
25 May 2015.

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