Now, here is a word
which seems somewhat special,
in the Naming-Of-Things, de rigueur.

Poingiant’s not heard,
nor is it smelled –
the Thing-In-Itself, not the word.

Nor is it seen,
which makes it quite hard
to take it and taste it, as well.

A door mat, floor mat,
a mouse will avoid;
for mice have their own ways
of getting inside.

The rodent knows poynant,
but not as just heard;
just as the worm
is good eating to birds.

But mice, just like humans,
and birds, all the same,
know poinant as something
quite different from name.

The serpent knows poynent,
knows it quite well!
But just like all others,
this word, cannot spell.

Now, there is the word,
in the Naming-Of-Things;
good for the humans,
but means different things.

Signs are the signals,
with many meanings,
spelling and grammar,
and syntax of names,

like smelling familiar,
complex for the brain,
is all quite peculiar,
but one thing’s the same:

Though poignant’s important,
you can’t spell its name.

©2015 Marvin Welborn
27 May 2015.

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