Oh, Little Red Man, Of Very Thick Glasses

Does your Mother know which things, that you were into?
How could she know, when you’d up and grow?
What names would your friends eventually call you?

The red hair you had? That comes from your Mother;
The seeds to be bad, from your Father.

You did your three years, and then you got out;
Your Dad was in his war, but shot his own foot.
This is the same man: The born-again crook.
This is how some men would get off the hook.

Not only from Neighbors, but families, he took
Personal property, and real private stuff.
Criminal Minds, they never grow up;
Oh, Little Red Man, you’re so like your Pop.

And now you are dead, as well as your Dad,
Your Mother lives on. She lives on her own,
Forgotten, Forgiven, like Father like Son,
All of the deeds of the Little Red Man.

It’s a Love that only a Mother can give,
When she bleeds out her Husband and Son.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
12 June 2015

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