In Still Life

William H. Bonney had nowhere to go,
But history, written in pages.
So, memory serves the moment to show
What’s hot at the moment, some moments ago.

But nobody knows who must be chosen,
When someone must stay in history, frozen.
Strange be the phases of changes by stages,
Where memory stays and no further will go.

A Still Life is still life and seemingly ageless,
Where some are remembered, most are forgotten,
Stopped at the moment where still life goes on.

Memory takes it above and beyond.
But should someone say: “Hey wait! That’s all wrong!”
“That’s not how it was, how my life went on.”
And memory hangs on the moment too long.

Still life of Still Life goes on for the ages.

Let’s take for the instance, Sweet Ariadne,
Tied to her moment, her place now in history.
Forevermore fastened and fixed to the mind,
Allied, the young lady, to Theseus in time.

No one dare know she went on to go
And marry the sun god, Dionysus.

Remember me thus! forget all the rest,
As the young lad you had, and make me ageless.
A Still Life is still life; in memory, changeless –
So long, that is, as memory stays with us.

©2015, Marvin Welborn
16 June 2015. revised 17 June 2015. 4 September 2015. 18May2016.

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