Social Décor

Twenty-Four people . . .
two rooms apart;
Jury Selection,
a Criminal Court.

Each one, a stranger,
another won’t know . . .
but after some hours,
affinities show.

Everyone hungry
by mid-afternoon . . .
Sitting . . . Just sitting,
Inside a locked room.

“You look familiar . . .
“Have we met before?”

And then, one by one,
some leave, seen no more –
Jury Selection,
behind the closed doors . . .

Twelve stay behind,
where once, Twenty-Four.

We might meet,
on some street,
some time . . . O, for sure!
where each, we will greet,

but merely ignore . . .
forgetting how human
we were for an hour:

‘The face seems familiar . . .
Had we met before?’

Selective Perception . . .
Social Décor.

©2015 Marvin Welborn
9 May 2015. Revised 3 July 2015.

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