Do Immortals Suffer Their Losses?

Oh, come now, Virginia, why look so dark?
Why not just smile, and be out?
The day’s not so long and soon we’ll be gone,
in short time, Virginia, no doubt.

So what’s that you say? For me, a short stay?
For you, it’s been a long while?
Well, that may be true, but what can we do,
Virginia, to bring back that smile?

I know, we must leave you – there’s no coming back.
We are just creatures, and Nature must act.
Nature both made us: The lovers, and you;
where Nature will take us, we cannot undo.

Know this, Dear Ginnie, and never forget:
We knew what love was, and we loved you back.
As mortals, Virginia, what is bereft
Immortals, Dear Ginnie, when mortals have left.

[this poem is about ideals & immortality, and their bases in reality.]

©2015, Marvin Welborn
4 July 2015. Revised 6 July 2015.

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