C.D. Wright,
the poet,
has died;

As well as an actor
named Rickman.

The news is brief,
but only for one –

An actor


“Plenty of people
also have died –
No news we’d have,
if all were then mentioned.”

What price do we pay,
for someone’s importance?

What measures are made?
What price is redemption?


Speciousness worms
and spurns in appeal
all into terms,
it learns to anneal
unreal into real,
surpassing surreal.

What truths

What proofs
will surprise?

Measure for measure,
the world will get by,

in half-steps,
craft sets,
to fictionalize –

No one will question,
or know otherwise –

Paradigms change
for paragons high;
A Hero’s lamented,
the moment he dies.

©2016, Marvin Welborn 20 Jan 2016
Revised 8 March 2016

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